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Beginners and intermediates thrive in Ultimate Bootcamp's non-intimidating atmosphere. Our friendly Boston Trainers are experts at tailoring the boot camp workouts to YOUR fitness level. You deserve to look and feel amazing, we provide the coaching and motivation to get you there.

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How Ultimate Bootcamp Gets Results

Ultimate Bootcamp 4-week outdoor fitness programs have helped THOUSANDS of Boston and MetroWest residents lose weight, tone muscle, gain strength, and beat their personal best in races. How do we do it?

No Gym Workout Secrets Revealed

Dear Bootcampers,

When we started Ultimate Bootcamp in Boston, Massachusetts in 2004, we had surprisingly unique ideas about what a fitness program SHOULD be:


  • Fitness programs should be FUN
  • Fitness programs should be PERSONALIZED
  • And MOST importantly, fitness programs should get you RESULTS!


Literally thousands of Greater Boston Massachusetts residents have achieved amazing results with our signature 4-week fitness boot camp programs. Fueled by their success and scientific research, we've honed our boot camp workout techniques for maximum results. Now, we're revealing for the first time why Ultimate Bootcamp works.



1) Ultimate Bootcamp Double Calorie-Burn Effect™

Ultimate Bootcamp can burn a whopping 500 to 800 calories per workout! But, there is so much more. Ultimate Bootcamp exercises continue to burn more calories AFTER the workout than traditional gym exercises performed on the treadmill, elliptical or cycling bike. With instant calorie burn from heart-pumping boot camp drills and a prolonged calorie burn through muscle-sculpting exercises, Ultimate Bootcamp provides a fat-blasting, double calorie-burn effect that can't be matched by traditional gym equipment.

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2) Ultimate Bootcamp Motivation Method™

Encouragement and support are the keys to your fitness boot camp success. Our motivating training methods create a fun, positive workout environment for all fitness levels - especially beginners and intermediates. Your certified Boston Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors give you the personal encouragement you need to get fast results. Plus, the class camaraderie and friendships you forge are an even greater motivator to show up and give your best boot camp effort every day. Unlike Boston gyms, you're not a nameless face to us. At Ultimate Bootcamp, you're a person with real goals, real aspirations and a real success story waiting to happen.

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3) Ultimate Bootcamp Focused Coaching™

If it is results you're after, forget about egotistical Boston Personal Trainers who care more about how they look than how they coach. Don't bother with Boston health clubs or gyms that can't provide the structure or accountability you need to succeed. Instead, get amazing results with Ultimate Bootcamp Trainers who tailor the workouts to YOUR fitness level.


We notice the little things, like when you need extra encouragment, more time to stretch, lower-impact exercise options or just how much further you can REALLY challenge yourself. It's the Focused Coaching and motivation each of our certified Boston Trainers provide that will help you reach your personal goals faster!

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4) Ultimate Bootcamp Progressive Fitness Formula™

Boot Camp Fitness BostonWhether your goal is weight loss, muscle-toning or a complete body transformation, when you commit to a 4-week fitness boot camp program our systematic workout routines get you maximum results. Ultimate Bootcamp's Progressive Fitness Formula challenges your body increasingly from week to week, without over-training. This is the same training method celebrities and athletes use to get into shape fast! Bust through fitness plateaus, lose inches and pounds, get faster, leaner and stronger... the possibilities of success are endless. All you have to do is commit.

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5) Ultimate Bootcamp Adaptive Workload Training Method ™

Our Boston Trainers go through weeks of education and training to learn how to implement our proprietary Adaptive Workload Training Method. Why should you care? This means your Ultimate Bootcamp Trainer knows how to adapt and fine-tune the exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels; ensuring each and every participant gets a stellar workout no matter their fitness abilities. 91% of people reach their goals when they have a coach. Enroll in a 4-Week Bootcamp program today and reach your fitness goals faster.

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6) No-Intimidation Workout

We know trying a new fitness program can be intimidating. You're scared you won't be able to keep up; worried you'll be yelled at; afraid you won't fit in. Well guess what? Thousands of Cambridge, Watertown, Framingham, Brookline and Greater Boston residents have been in your very shoes!


But after trying an Ultimate Bootcamp fitness program, those nervous new participants turned into shining superstars with confidence about their new-found fitness abilities. Their Ultimate Bootcamp Instructors took the time to coach them, motivate them, and encouraged them to try their hardest.


Keep in mind, participants attend boot camp classes IN PURSUIT OF RESULTS, not because they already have them. You might be surprised just how much you have in common with other boot camp participants!

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Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Personal Trainer Boston Guarantee We're so confident in our proven training methods that we offer you a RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - good luck getting that from your Boston gym! Now, there is nothing getting in the way of reaching your fitness goals

Unleash your best body today!!!


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